Hi everyone, here is a new post on a very useful site where, with the help of animated tutorials, all doctors can improve or just revise medical skills. Take-home message: LEARN WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT THE WAY YOU WANT


In a world struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic and constant updates on the state of health of the world population, I wanted to include the most important sites in a single post where to find the correct information.


Hi, my website was mentioned …. check out the following links from The Website of Ships from Associazione Nazionale Medici di Bordo

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Most shipping companies offer seafarers an inexpensive way to stay in touch with friends and family at home. I remember that most shipping companies offer their crew valid solutions to make a call when they are sailing. Please check onboard which options are available for you. Below are some useful alternatives for making calls when …

Il dottore delle navi

La vita del medico di bordo è fatta di tanta attesa ma anche della scarica di adrenalina che ti viene quando sei in mezzo al mare e devi improvvisamente affrontare e risolvere un’emergenza sanitaria molto seria.