Hello, welcome to my site. I’m Dr. Carlo Zuncheddu.

Are you interested in working on cruise ships?

I created the site to offer colleagues some information on the figure of the ship’s doctor.

The idea of the site is to invite colleagues to take up the occupation of ship’s doctor.

Not only that, but you can also find links to manuals that are essential for work on board.

I’ve been working as a ship’s doctor since 2011 when I started on the ferries. In 2015, I had my first contract on a cruise ship.

I inform you that the SeaCare and SeaEvent programs, produced by Tritan Software, are in use in the Medical Center of most Cruise Companies.

SeaCare can manage every aspect of medical operations while connecting and collaborating with information across their entire fleet of ships, guest, crew members and medical providers.

SeaEvent is an end-to-end enterprise software platform that allows your organization to effectively report, trend and analyze incidents across global fleet operations for the areas of health, environmental, safety, quality, security and technology.